Gainesville Wedding Photographer

Jerry and Angelia Padgett are the owners and lead photographers of Jerry Padgett Photography here in Gainesville, FL. We specialize in a creative, artistic, and personal approach to photographing weddings. From the time we began shooting weddings in the Gainesville, FL area four years ago we’ve focused on delivering our couples a consistently fun and rewarding experience. Nobody on their wedding day wants to be worried about whether their photographers are getting the right shots. We’re there to help make sure your day runs smoothly. From getting ready in the morning through the dances we’re keeping an eye out for capturing fun moments and helping, when possible, to make that happen. Let’s be honest, not everyone feels comfortable getting their photos taken. We love to get to know our couples through engagement sessions and meetings. By the time we arrive at the wedding we know the type of photos that are important to you, and you’ll feel more comfortable with us. The more comfortable you are with your photographers, the more fun you’ll have on your wedding day. Our clients and friends often ask us what our favorite part is about wedding photography. Jerry loves the opportunity to be creative and capture unique photos that couples will love to hang on their walls and show off to their friends and family. He loves watching for that perfect opportunity to capture big laughs, tears or your friends doing something funny. One of the best parts of providing wedding photography in FL is the variety of venues. Jerry loves capturing the big picture of a couple outdoors or enjoying their venue. For him there is something really special about getting all those elements to come together for that perfect photograph. Capturing two people in love combined with an awesome backdrop and lighting is as good as it gets. From the first time you meet her, you’ll know that Angelia loves people. When it comes to wedding photography she loves the ability to help make peoples wedding day’s be fun and relaxed. She understands that you can’t get those perfect photos when people are stressed out or worried about what else needs to be done. She goes out of her way to lend a hand and make sure that your big day is running smoothly. Angelia loves capturing beautiful and intimate moments like a sweet kiss or a little smile. She loves to get in close to capture those expressions and details that help make your wedding day special. If you’re curious about our photography please take a look at our portfolio and you’ll see dozens of couples living in the moment and enjoying their big day! With Jerry and Angelia you get a great blend of photos and attention to detail. We combine a blend of details, photojournalism, and modern photography so that you can look back and enjoy every aspect of your wedding day. We take special pride in capturing photos of couples that look fun and natural. No one wants to look bored or awkward on their wedding day, so we do our best to help people get relaxed and then pose them in natural ways. We would love to meet with you. Please contact us and we can meet and discuss your plans over drinks or coffee.

Best, Jerry & Angelia Padgett

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