Engagement portraits are a wonderful thing for you to have as a couple, whether as a way to share the exciting news with family and friends or as a prologue to your wedding photo albums. They are also an aspect of wedding photography that I especially enjoy because meeting up for an engagement photo session is such a great opportunity to get to know each other before we work together on the day of your wedding.


If you browse through my portfolio, one thing you will notice is that I tailor the style of the photos to fit your uniquely beautiful style. I want the engagement portraits I create for you to be overflowing with personality and romance, to make you feel proud of the wonderful love story that has brought you to this moment. Instead of settling for generic photos, I love the artistic challenge of creating one-of-a-kind portraits.


Just as important as artistic quality, though, is the quality of our experience working together. To me, being a Gainesville engagement photographer is more than a chance to create beautiful things, it is also a chance to get to know my clients and meet a variety of interesting, awesome people. During photo sessions, I want you to feel comfortable and free to express yourself. Despite taking my work very seriously, I always make sure to focus on laughing, building friendships, and having fun too.


One the best ways to make your engagement photos unique is to choose the perfect location. Having explored and lived in the Gainesville area for quite some time, I’ve developed a repertoire of ideas for photo shoot locations that I can suggest. However, I always love finding somewhere that holds significant meaning to you as a couple. In a setting that makes you feel nostalgic or celebrates a wonderful moment in your love story, you will feel more relaxed and the photography I create will be natural and full of genuine emotion.

To see some of the portraits I have created over the years I’ve been a Gainesville engagement photographer, I encourage you to take a look at my portfolio. And feel free to give me a call or an email any time. I look forward to meeting you and creating beautiful engagement and wedding photography together.